What is Ejari

What is EJARI?

The translation of EJARI from Arabic is “My Rent”. Since 2009, all leases must be registered on Ejari, the online registration system with RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency). It’s the responsibility of the landlord to register the leases paid for by the tenant.

The EJARI mention the name of the owner, his nationality, tenant details like full name, nationality, passport number along with the expiry date, residency visa number along with the expiry date, emirates ID number and contact detail. The information of the property is as well mention, like property No, type of the property, sub type (3br or studio), usage (residential / commercial), size and the DEWA number. Each EJARI generates a unique bar code, it will put an end to malpractices in rental sector by making the whole procedure transparent for all of the stakeholders.

What are the documents required to issue an EJARI?

To issue an EJARI, you will need to be in possession of the unified tenancy contract, title deed, landlord passport copy, tenant passport copy, tenant residency visa, emirates id copy (in case you don’t have it yet and its in process, copy of your application should be enough) and DEWA premise number.

Where to get issue an Ejari?

Ejari can be issued at some authorized typing center in Dubai or at any RERA office, refer to the link of the of Dubai Land Department to find the closest one near you.


When I will be using EJARI

The use of EJARI is starting from the application, as by issuing it, you will receive a link by email to connect your DEWA, no need any to visit them at their office, and wait your turn (if the landlord is not registered and did not put his deposit, you will still have to visit them). On the other hand, is now mandatory for the following,

  • New/renewal of residence visas
  • Obtaining a commercial license
  • Employing domestic staff
  • Acquiring a liquor license
  • To open a case at the rental dispute center

At the end of your tenancy contract, either on renewal or terminating your contract, you will have to renew your Ejari or to cancel it at the authorized typing centers. Now a days, a lot of landlord are requesting the cancellation document of Ejari, being part of the documents requested for the refund of the security deposit.

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