Can my landlord evict me

Process of eviction

What does “Eviction Notice” means?

Eviction is the process from landlord for removal of a tenant from rented property. The term “eviction” is the communication between the tenant and landlord. The landlord generally provides written notice to the tenant (commonly known as “Eviction Notice“). This article will answer to your questions regarding how and when my landlord can evict me?

How my landlord can process for an eviction?

The landlord may demand an eviction of the tenant during the term of the lease in the following case A) to start the process of eviction of the tenant if the landlord wishes to recover the premises for its personal use or use by its next of kin of the first degree (Also read property gifting). To justify this eviction, landlord has to prove that there is no alternative property under his name for such use.

Once the eviction letter has been issued for that reason, Landlord will not be able to rent it to someone else for a time of 2 years, to start the process of eviction for the reason of selling the unit, to process the eviction, if the premise requires renovation or comprehensive maintenance which cannot be executed while the tenant remains in occupation.

This reason for an eviction, needs to be supported by a technical report issued or attested by Dubai Municipality. In all above reasons mentioned, the landlord must notify the tenant in writing through the notary public, and to be sent by registered mail via Aramex sating the reasons of the eviction and providing at least twelve months (365 days) notice prior to expiry of the period of lease.

When my landlord can evict me?
When my landlord can evict me?

When my landlord can Evict me?

The landlord can’t issue an eviction letter after one month of your moving. The eviction letter can be issue only after the first year of the tenancy contract. This eviction has to be done via the process above otherwise is not legal.
In some case, tenant is requested at the beginning of the tenancy contract to sign an eviction letter, attesting that they are agree to rent this unit for one year only. This eviction letter signed by tenant is not valid, even if you sign it, it will be considered as not valid. Sometimes, this eviction clause can be also included inside of the tenancy contract, usually on the addendum or additional clauses.
To conclude, until the eviction letter is not done via the public notary, sent by Aramex along with the twelve-month notice, after the first year of tenancy, it will not be considered valid.

Please note that often, Aramex is delivering this legal notice at your home, at 95% of the case you will never receive the letter, but they leave a sticker at your door, once having that sticker, the twelve-month eviction notice starting from that date. A lot of tenant are surprise to know that a legal notice has been sent, as they don’t have the hard copy of that letter.